New Year, New Battles


In December Rebecca and I had the opportunity to visit Michigan to see friends and family for TWO WEEKS! It was an incredible time and a much needed break from our Arizona routine. The holidays with family are always special - especially after the past year we have had.

We both returned to work on January 7th. For me, it was almost an entire year since I had put on my uniform and went to work! 313 days to be exact. Now THAT is crazy! Time flies.

We have slowly been getting back into a routine with work and the regular hustle and bustle.


Here is a reminder to everyone of where I stand since my last treatment (CAR-T) in September.

30 days after the treatment, my PET scan revealed an almost complete response and 99% of the cancer was gone. From here we were waiting for the 90 day scan to confirm these results stayed true.

My 90 day PET scan was neither good nor bad, but more neutral than anything. Essentially, the cancer from the primary tumor in my chest was still shrinking in size, however a new spot had shown up within the the main mass with increasing activity. We made a plan to perform a follow-up PET scan in a month to see what this spot actually was.

Today, my PET scan revealed that the spot had grown in size which is a pretty solid indication that the cancer is back.

If you are a visual learner (like me) reference the photo below. The left side of the picture is from Dec. 10th. The right side of the photo is from today.


What’s next? The list of treatment choices continues to get smaller and smaller, but we are not completely out of options quite yet.

First, we need to biopsy this spot and see some of its characteristics before we decide on a treatment plan. There are drug options which may stimulate the CAR-T cells and get them back to work on killing the cancer.

Otherwise, we still have radiation options to zap this spot once and for all.

My time back to work was most likely short lived as either option will require significant commutes to and from the Mayo Clinic as well as time in and out of the clinic for recovery.

Whatever we decide to do, we will keep working hard to make this cancer go away for good.

More updates to come.

In the meantime, stay in touch, visit again and witness cancer through my lens and keyboard.

Until next time…

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