Today was round four of chemotherapy.

The only “bad” news I have received from my doctor this time, is that I have gained over 20 pounds in two months and he wants me to lose the extra weight gained.

It’s a common misconception that people who get cancer get really skinny and frail. It’s actually the opposite. Most of this is due to steroids used to manage nausea and swelling. They are a devilish medication which makes you want to eat anything and everything in site. I am guilty as charged when it comes to this. 

So, my next battle is to try and shed this extra weight I’ve put on, but that will be easy. 

From my last post, there was some concern from my oncologist about the way in which my heart was responding to the chemo. I met with a cardiologist, had an EKG performed, wore a heart monitor for 48 hours and have been put on blood pressure medication.

After observing my symptoms and reviewing the results, everything has come back completely normal so far. I will require more follow-ups to confirm all of the information, but all in all - GOOD NEWS!

I will have another PET scan a few weeks after this fourth round of chemo to check the status of my tumors and verify that the cancer is still responding to treatment and not spreading.

I am planning on returning to my duties with the Air Force in early June pending I don’t hit anymore more bumps in the road. My availability would be limited depending on my health, but I am desperately craving purpose, structure and just getting back to work doing what I love.


My incredible wife, Rebecca, recently had her 25th birthday this month. Thanks to some amazing coworkers of mine, we were able to snag box seat tickets to Taylor Swift’s opening show of her “Reputation Stadium Tour.” What an incredible experience!

My mother, Shelley, flew into Arizona for a week to spend some time with us as well. We spent most of our days lounging by the pool and thrifting at the local Goodwill stores - we wouldn’t have had it any other way!

My brother, Jordan, and his girlfriend, Naima, flew in on Mother’s day. It worked out perfectly as my mother was able to spend the holiday with both of her sons right here in Arizona the day before she left.

Myself, Jordan and Naima have been experiencing some amazing Arizona adventures. We’ve hiked the White Tank Mountains, spent a day kayaking Lake Pleasant and have been swimming in the pool. It feels good to be getting active again, plus it helps shed the extra weight.

Our good friend Abbey is scheduled to fly in next week and she will be our last visitor planned until most likely this fall.

Having friends and family visit has truly been the biggest blessing Rebecca and I could ever ask for. To know people care and love you enough to travel 2,000 miles away is an amazing feeling. 

To all that have come and spent time with us in this challenging adventure, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We plan on traveling to Michigan and return some of the love this summer.


Without a doubt in my mind, my life has forever been changed by cancer.

When you first realize you have a new way of life - it’s shocking.

With every cough, sniffle or fever - the “c word” will always be looming in the back of my mind from this day forward.

The realization of my own mortality has been altered into a new pace.

Not because I am dying - I’ve only just started living.

With that, I will leave you with one of my most listened to songs lately - “One” by Johnny Cash. The lyrics in this song resonate with my life more than ever right now. Listen closely.

In the meantime, stay in touch, visit again and witness cancer through my lens and keyboard.

Until next time…

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